A COVID-19 Christmas: 10 Hilarious Gift Ideas to Put a Smile On Anybody’s Face

Let’s be real: for a lot of us, COVID-19 has disrupted our entire year. And the way things are going, there’s a good chance that your holiday plans have changed quite a bit from how you envisioned them at the start of 2020.

While it can be easy to get caught up in the negative, we at Trendy Lake feel it’s best to take these things in stride — and with a sense of humor. Just because COVID has changed your Christmas plans, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the gift-giving spirit of the holidays.

With that in mind, here are some hilarious gift ideas that perfectly encapsulate 2020:

1. Commemorative Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree is a classic holiday tradition. As part of their ornament collection, many people purchase ornaments that commemorate the past year.

While the pandemic hasn’t necessarily been a cause for celebration, there are plenty of unique ornaments that can help you remember 2020 with a smile. From reindeer and snowmen wearing masks to a roll of toilet paper inscribed with “2020,” such ornaments are sure to bring a fun twist to the Christmas tree.

2. The Work Wonnie

For whatever reason, countless children have grown up receiving a pair of pajamas each year for Christmas. For adults who are now working from home, the Work Wonnie provides a hilarious twist on this traditional gift.

This onesie pajama set is designed to look like a work shirt from the waist up, but has sweat paints on the bottom. Speaking of bottoms, it even has a butt flap for the authentic onesie experience!

3. No Tear Toilet Paper

Toilet paper shortages were a major part of pandemic life earlier in the year, ensuring that none of us will ever look at a roll of two-ply the same way again.

For those who like to give gag gifts, no tear toilet paper could be the perfect way to send out 2020. A special paper and fabric composite makes it so users can’t rip off sheets of TP. It can be a hilarious prank — as long as the recipient has a good sense of humor.

4. 2020 Survivor Care Kits

If you prefer pampering to pranking, consider gifting your loved ones a COVID-19 themed care kit. These kits contain products like candles and soaps that have been infused with essential oils that help users soothe and relax. It’s a thoughtful and lighthearted way to deal with the stress that so many of us have been facing this year.

5. COVID Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are a gift-giving staple this time of year, with images of Santa, reindeer or snowmen helping people get in the holiday spirit from head to foot. Why not commemorate 2020 with Christmas socks that reference our times?

Pair Santa with COVID-relevant imagery (vaccines, anyone?) for a unique take on this classic gift. It’s a great way to wish someone a holly, healthy Christmas.

6. Novelty Masks

Masking up to slow the spread of COVID-19 has become part of our everyday routine. Whether you’re going to the grocery store or heading to the park, wearing a mask is just something you do.

And as we’ve discovered, there are plenty of ways to let your personality shine through with your mask selection. Help your friends get into the holiday spirit with Christmas face masks featuring everything from Santa Claus to the Grinch.

7. Snack Boxes

Food is always a big part of any Christmas gathering. While you may not be able to get together with friends and family to share a holiday meal this year, you can still tap into that favorite tradition by sending them a snack box.

Whether you’re sending favorites like cheese and meat or a meal kit from that favorite restaurant that you’re no longer visiting during the pandemic, you can still share food in a socially distanced manner. You could even order the same box for yourself and then connect over a Zoom call as you both enjoy your treats.

8. Games

For many, gathering for Christmas parties always involves games, music and other activities.

Though you may not be able to hold in-person get-togethers while socially distancing, you could send friends and family a fun new game (that you’ve also purchased for yourself), and then have everyone get together on Zoom for a virtual game night. No matter what the game is, the extra social interaction is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

9. Chia Pet

Yes, chia pets are still around — and with so many people now working from home, this is a great gift for any friend looking to liven up their home office. You can tap into the latest Star Wars craze with baby Yoda, or get political by sending them a chia pet featuring their favorite politician. It’s time to bring a little more personality to the home office!

10. Beat COVID Socks

Not everyone celebrates Christmas at this time of year — and that’s okay. No matter what you celebrate, you can still give the gift of novelty socks that reflect on our current times.

Beat COVID-19 designs include salutes to frontline workers such as nurses and sanitation workers. Whether you want to stand up against COVID-19 or show your support to the frontline workers in your life, this is a great way to take on the pandemic with a bit of humor.

Enjoy Christmas Despite COVID-19!

Sure, Christmas 2020 may not look the same as it has in years past. But that’s no reason to let it get you down. By keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humor, this holiday season can be just as merry as it has been before.

If you’re looking for a funny and festive gift to give this year, be sure to add our Christmas socks to your list. Available in a wide variety of styles, these socks use premier combed cotton for a soft, smooth fit. These reduced irritation, moisture-wicking socks are durable enough for all day wear, making them the perfect way to celebrate the holidays in style.


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