Our Story

TrendyLake represents expression and embraces the spirit of individuality through a unique product offering such as socks, patches, pins, T-shirts, etc. We ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has let different communities get opportunity to better express themselves. By underpinning our creative roots with a relentless focus on technical innovation, we've ensured that our products are now found in over 12 countries who dare to be different.

What We Live By


in character and competency


stay grounded; never forgot where you come from


be passionate about what you are doing


be positive and open minded


and integrity

Self Made and Self Making


We live at the intersection of art and science, designing products that perform at the highest level while inspiring the human spirit.


It's not rocket science, but we hired a rocket scientist anyway. We are writing the book on quality standardization. Why? Because innovation that doesn't last is just a gimmick.


We're defining the future of knitwear, and have an unbridled passion for perfection. We start with the best, and if that's not good enough, we develop our own proprietary